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Professional Dry Clean, Shirt Services & Tailoring in London

Citi Clean was founded in 1982 driven by the lack of high quality, non-aggressive and eco-friendly dry cleaning solutions in London. Since inception, we have been dedicated to providing reliable services at efficient and convenient timescales. We are a ‘one stop solution’ for anything cloth related, using technology that is kind to your cloth as well as to the environment.

Dry Cleaning Services

Since 1982, Citi Clean has been providing a comprehensive range of dry cleaning services for personal, household, and corporate items and materials. They utilize state-of-the-art machines and employ trained professionals known for their expertise in stain removal. Citi Clean takes pride in their quick turnaround and convenient service, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Shirt Services

At Citi Clean, customers can rely on their top-notch shirt cleaning services. All shirts are meticulously cleaned using high-quality washing detergents and softeners, and finished with a modern shirt press. Their skilled staff pays special attention to cuffs and collars, offering personalized specifications. Customers have the option to choose hangers or hand folding, with the latter being particularly popular among travelers.

Laundry Services

Citi Clean specializes in eco-friendly green earth laundry cleaning. They prioritize exceptional results for their customers while taking care of the environment. Using high-quality washing detergents and softeners, their laundry service covers a wide range of items, including bed linen, tablecloths, mattress covers, valences, personal items, and everyday wear.

Repair & Alteration Services

For all repair and alteration needs, Citi Clean is the go-to choice. Their experienced tailors are equipped with modern and traditional techniques to handle various repairs and alterations. They take pride in leaving clothes looking as good as new, whether it's resizing or fixing missing buttons and broken zips.

Curtain Services

Citi Clean excels in curtain cleaning, ensuring no shrinkage through delicate cleaning, proper drying time, and the use of high-quality machinery. They stand out with their leading curtain finishing machine, a rarity among dry cleaning companies in the UK. Offering pick-up and delivery services across London, Citi Clean's specialist curtain service is a popular choice.

Shoe Repair Services

With their team of specialist cobblers, Citi Clean offers expert shoe and boot repairs for both men and women. Alongside their repair and cleaning services, they provide a range of established shoe care accessories that not only enhance the shine but also maintain the material, color, and shape of the footwear.

Key Cutting

Citi Clean extends their services beyond dry cleaning, boasting locksmiths with over 20 years of expertise in cutting a wide range of keys. From regular household mortice and cylinder keys to security keys and window keys, they can handle key cutting for almost any requirement. With quick turnaround times, customers can have their keys cut while they wait. Contact Citi Clean for more information on their reliable key cutting services.

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Our branding for Citiclean, a leading laundry company, encapsulates their commitment to cleanliness and excellence.


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